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Fast recovery from anxiety and panic attacks. By following the Panic Shutdown Method your recovery happens automatically. No matter what you have ‘tried’ before there is only One way to permanently remove your unwanted anxiety. This is a natural process that is already within you. Take back your life from anxiety! Start today and join 1000s of recovered anxiety sufferers.

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Our goal is to free you from anxiety and panic attacks forever! Panic Shutdown is run by ex-anxiety sufferers, people who had lived with panic attacks and various anxiety disorders for many years. But, by following the method that you will learn when you join our programme, are now fully recovered.

The first thing you need to know if you are suffering from an anxiety condition including Generalised Anxiety (GAD), Panic Attacks and Phobias is that

You Are Not Physically or Mentally Ill. What you actually have is a behavioural condition.

It’s a bit like a bad habit. If you practice doing a bad habit for any length of time it becomes part of your daily routine and becomes very difficult to break. We now know that anxiety is formed in a similar way. When we repeatedly respond with worry or fear to sensations in our bodies,
or situations that we are presented with, it becomes a habit and part of our normal every day behaviour.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most successful methods for treating anxiety. It focuses on teaching you to question your automatic thoughts with the purpose of changing your behaviour.

‘This proves to you that you have a behavioural condition and not a medical or mental health condition’

The Panic Shutdown Method improves on the processes in CBT to speed up your recovery, and rather than relying on expensive, weekly sessions with a counsellor where you are assigned homework, we provide you with a process that, when done correctly using our easy to follow instructions, enables your recovery to happen automatically.

The Panic Shutdown Method teaches you how to re-train your brain to become non-anxious again and we do this without the use of any medication. We will provide you with all the tools you need to make a full and permanent recovery from your anxiety condition. This also include videos that explain, in detail, how anxiety forms and how the process for reversing and removing anxiety works.

Qualified Counsellors

The Panic Shutdown Team have researched anxiety disorders and panic attacks for many years and have gained a deep understanding of what causes them and most importantly how to recover from them. As well as being qualified therapists our team have expert experience in what is most important and that is your recovery from anxiety. Who is more qualified to tell you how to recover from anxiety than someone who has already done it? What you will learn is the definitive method for ending your anxiety and panic attacks forever and what is even better is that you can do this on your own and in your own home.

This Works!

I searched and searched for the answer, the holy grail of information that would end my nightmare. Sometimes I thought I had found it when I learned a new breathing or relaxation technique but my anxiety and panic always returned. I now know that all I was learning were different coping techniques to help reduce the effects and not a technique to eliminate my anxiety completely. By using the method I learned on Panic Shutdown I have managed to completely stop my panic attacks and my anxiety is a much better too. I have now been panic attack free for 6 months and feel like I am getting my life back on track. I have been going out with friends and recently went on holiday for the first time in ages! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Panic Shutdown Member

Anxiety Recovery

Regardless of what you have been told about anxiety in the past it is NOT a physical or mental illness. If you suffer with any unwanted anxiety what you actually have is a behavioural condition which has lead to you responding with fear to certain situations.

Anxiety disorders should be more accurately described as fear disorders. Simply put you are experiencing fearful reactions to things that wouldn’t normally cause you to be scared. Whether its that flutter in your chest, that unpleasant thought, or a feeling something bad might happen. These things wouldn’t normally cause you to be scared or anxious. But with anxiety these things do cause a very specific response in our bodies and because we’ve practised the response over and over our body will now automatically respond with fear.

What you will learn by following the Panic Shutdown Method is that your anxiety disorder can be cured very quickly and without the use of any medication, hypnosis or talking therapy. Start today and join 1000’s of ex-anxiety sufferers who have fully recovered by using The Panic Shutdown Method.

Stop Panic Attacks for Good

By following the Panic Shutdown Method your panic attacks can disappear over night! YES! Panic Attacks are an acute reaction to extreme fear. Once you realise how to remove that fear, you will never experience another panic attack again. We have seen this work time and time again and it can work for you too. Don’t delay your recovery any longer! Join us today and stop your panic attacks for good.

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Stop Panic Attacks for Good

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