Panic Shutdown was created to help those suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. We are run by people with experience of living with anxiety, panic attacks and associated depression and phobias.

We can provide help and support if you’ve been diagnosed with, or suspect you may have an anxiety condition including help with phobias and depression – in fact, anything that’s stopped you from getting on with your life.

Panic Shutdown is run by qualified counsellors and with our help you can start to recover your confidence and regain your life from anxiety and panic.
We can also offer information and services to professional health care workers (GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc.) working, or interested in the area of anxiety disorders.

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What are Panic Attacks?

Want to know more about Panic Attacks? What causes Panic Attacks? And what are the symptoms of a Panic Attack?
Click below to find out.

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My Story

This is the story of my experience with Anxiety and Panic Attacks. If you are currently experiencing Panic Attacks or high anxiety hopefully you can relate to this.

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How to stop a Panic Attack?

Having Panic Attacks? Have you tried other methods for stopping them? The Panic Shutdown Method is the conclusive method for stopping Panic Attacks, permanently!

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