Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts and PureO are usually housed within the obsessive type disorders like OCD. This is because the unwanted or intrusive thoughts are obsessed over due the meaning we attach to them. The human brain is highly creative and imaginative and we have thousands of thoughts every single day, and some of these thoughts can be violent or disturbing. For most people, unwanted or intrusive thoughts disappear as quickly as they are formed. But for others, the thoughts occur more frequently and instead of these thoughts passing they linger and cause the person thinking them a great deal of distress. Intrusive thoughts can happen without warning and without any external influence and because of their disturbing nature can be debilitating.

There are three main themes for intrusive thoughts:

  • Violence, where you may have thoughts about hurting yourself or a loved one.
  • Sexual, where have thoughts about being attracted to someone that is inappropriate or a person of the same sex.
  • Religious or Spiritual, where you may question the existence of God or the afterlife and obsess over what happens when you die.

That said, intrusive thoughts aren’t limited to the aforementioned themes and come in many shapes and forms. Another example of intrusive thoughts are ‘what if’ thoughts. You could be driving and think ‘what if that person crashes into me’ and instead of the thought being acknowledged as fantasy and dismissed, you linger on it and play out a whole fictional scenario in your head about what would happen if the person did actually crash into you. The trouble with this type of thinking is that our emotional brain cannot tell the difference between this and reality and therefore when we think like this it can produce the same emotions as if the actual event had occurred.

What is most important to understand is that intrusive thoughts are completely meaningless, and without an underlying anxiety disorder they cannot exist. Intrusive thoughts don’t make you a bad person and do not reflect your character. A person who experiences disturbing thoughts as part of an anxiety disorder is equally as disturbed with the thoughts as others would be and they have no intention of ever carrying them out.

The good news is that if you think you are suffering from intrusive thoughts or PureO, or you know someone who is, the condition is completely treatable. By following The Panic Shutdown Method people suffering from intrusive thoughts, PureO and associated anxiety disorders can make a full recovery very quickly.

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