The Panic Shutdown Method

Permanent Recovery From Anxiety & Panic Attacks

You owe it yourself to live a life free from anxiety and panic

The Panic Shutdown Method was created by ex-anxiety sufferers with one goal, to help as many people recover from anxiety as possible. Our team have learned the most effective methods for permanent recovery and how to obtain that recovery as quickly as possible.

The Panic Shutdown Method is based on proven CBT techniques that have the highest success rate in permanent recovery from anxiety, panic attacks and associated conditions. The Panic Shutdown Method was created to help people fully recover from anxiety, panic attacks and related conditions such as depression, intrusive thoughts, phobias and obsessions.

Panic Shutdown members have access to:

  • The Panic Shutdown Method (The conclusive method for full recovery from anxiety and panic attacks)
  • The Panic Shutdown Forum (A community of anxiety sufferers and ex-sufferers who have one goal… helping each other recover from anxiety)
  • Smart Phone App (Listen to the Panic Shutdown audio’s on your smart phone. Includes bonus relaxation audio’s that can aid sleep)
  • Unlimited support from recovery experts **7 days a week**
  • Fast recovery exercises (These include CBT exercises that are proven to speed up recovery from panic and anxiety)

Access to the Panic Shutdown Method, including all the additional member tools,

is available for a one-off fee of £99.