Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder. A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear or anxiety triggered by a particular situation (such as going outside) or objects (such as snakes), even when there is no danger.

For example, you know that flying in an aeroplane is statistically the safest form of travel, but you may feel terrified when getting on one. For some people this even leads to avoiding it all together and missing out on an enjoyable holiday because of it. Likewise, you may know that a snake isn’t poisonous or that it won’t bite you, but this still doesn’t reduce your anxiety.

Someone with a phobia may feel this extreme anxiety just by thinking about the particular situation or object and even looking at pictures can provoke an anxious response.

There are two main types of phobias, specific phobias and phobias that are perpetuated by an underlying anxiety disorder.

  • Specific Phobias – This type of phobia is only activated in the presence of the object or activity that causes it. Things like spiders, snakes, flying etc
  • Anxiety Phobias – This type of phobia is created and sustained by an anxiety disorder. Things like agoraphobia, social phobia etc

However regardless of the type of phobia you have it is still caused by an underlying anxiety disorder.

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